In CONFIDENCE SECURITY , we work under close supervision of our director, a qualified person who can offer different types of security coverages. Derek Sanchez is a police officer with training and military experience for over 10 years. He received instruction in the Academy Los Cabos and guards of the Spanish military police in Baeza and Jaén. After that, he got his destiny in Ibiza, where he has been part in the department of deliquency prevention.

Great connoisseur of the existing problem in Ibiza during the summer season. The island has suffer a large increase in the high leve of tourism. This tourism has been a call for that people who saw in this change an opportunity to make a profit through thefts, robberies and all kind of actions which endanger the security of so many people.

Our director is a big connoisseur of the different municipalities and the usual places where there are the largest number of crimes. He has worked to confront the wave of robberies that so many villas and houses in rural areas are suffering, places which conform the 87% of the island surface area.

Currently he has become in a security referent , who is offering coverages for villas, different people and public establishments, whom trust in our director ´s experience to develop measures which ensure in an effective way that all of our customers can feel safe.

Derek Sanchez is on leave on voluntary personal grounds in the Spanish military police, to focus on his passion, the safety of individuals.